SP: vinyl 7-inch single or flexi disc (45 rpm)
    EP: vinyl 12-inch single, maxi-single (45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm)
    LP: vinyl 12-inch long player album, full-length record (33 1/3 rpm)
    MC: audiocassette single, maxi-single, promo sampler or album

    8T: 8-track cartridge tape, mostly for automobile audio players (for US market)
    CD: compact disc album/compilation/live recording
   CDM: compact disc maxi-single
   CD3: 3-inch compact disc single or EP
   CD5: 5-inch compact disc single or EP

   DLP: double long player album
   DCD: double disc album/compilation/live recording
   TCD: triple disco album/compilation/live recording

    ps: picture sleeve (artwork/photographs of some sort on cover)
    PD: vinyl picture disc SP, EP or LP (a record with a picture on it)
   SPD: vinyl picture disc presented in shaped form (cut or uncut)
    LE: limited edition release


   VHS: Video Home System format videocassette (UK)

   PAL: Phase Alternating Line video format (Europe)

   DVD: Digital Versatile Disc (DVD format video and/or audio and/or ROM)


Country codes (ISO):

AR    Argentina
AT    Austria
AU    Australia
BR    Brazil
CA    Canada
CH    Switzerland
CO    Columbia
DE    Germany
ES    Spain
EU    European Union
FR    France
GR    Greece
IE    Ireland
IL    Israel

IT    Italy
JP    Japan
MX    Mexico
NL    The Netherlands
NZ    New Zealand
PO    Poland
PT    Portugal
RU    Russian Federation
SE    Sweden
UK    United Kingdom
US    United States
WW    World Wide
YU    Yugoslavia
ZA    South Africa